1. We want to thank everyone that came out and watched us play on our European tour with Hindsights! We had an absolute blast with those boys.

    Can’t wait to come back over in November with Being As An Ocean

    Photo - alexpayec

  2. Tomorrow we play our first hometown show in years!
    Advance tickets have sold out, but there will be a limited amount on the door.

    Haven’t been this excited to play a show for a while.

  3. Ever wonder what we do when we aren’t on tour. This video pretty much sums it up. 

    EC x Brecon Beacons 

    Filmed by Alex Pay

  4. We Are beyond excited to announce that we will be touring with Being As An Ocean, Vanna and My Iron Lung in November in the UK and Mainland Europe !!

    Hope you guys are as stoked as we are.

    20.11.14 Germany, Leipzig / Conne Island
    21.11.14 Germany, Oberhausen / Resonanzwerk
    22.11.14 Belgium, Liege / 6k fest - Salvation Night
    23.11.14 France, Paris / Divan Du Monde
    24.11.14 UK, Birmingham / The Oobleck
    25.11.14 UK, Bristol / The Exchange
    26.11.14 UK, Glasgow / Cathouse
    27.11.14 UK, Manchester / NQ Live
    28.11.14 UK, London / Underworld
    29.11.14 Netherlands, Dorderecht / Bibelot
    30.11.14 Germany, Hamburg / Logo
    01.12.14 Czech Republic, Prague / Futurum
    02.12.14 Austria, Wien / Arena
    03.12.14 Germany, Stuttgart / Hallschlag
    04.12.14 Germany, Trier / Ex-Haus
    05.12.14 Germany, Schweinfurt / Alter Stattbahnhof
    06.12.14 Germany, Berlin / Bi Nuu
    07.12.14 Germany, München / Backstage

  5. Whilst not on tour Alex documents everything we get up to over on his tumblr - http://alexpayec.tumblr.com

    He is constantly looking for new things to photograph and film, if you are in need of any work get in contact with him via his tumblr or his Facebook 

  6. alexpayec:

    I made this short video on my good friend jacob, about all the photos he has collected since joining crooks

  7. • From the sticks to bitterness
    3 years down
    I still hear you under my breath
    And I felt
    It was hard enough to keep my head
    Higher than my so called friends they’re nothing but the doubt surrounding
    My only fear my only fear
    That I won’t always feel you here
    God oh god oh god you could have
    Me I’m fine
    Out of touch with my mind
    For the last time
    I question every ounce of faith my
    Body body don’t give up on me just yet
    Body body don’t you give up on me
    I traced my steps back to find myself where I began, turns out
    I’m am everything that makes me question who I am
    Turns out I am the everything that
    Holds the doubt tight in my hands
    Breathe for me
    You couldn’t breathe a word
    I was never meant for this world
    Breathe for me
    Forget me I insist I already don’t exist.

    • Windy little town
    What if I don’t believe it
    You can stay man it’s fine
    God if you hear me don’t take my friend his hearts kinder than mine.
    What if I don’t believe them
    I’ll stay alone and it’s safe
    How many so called friends will I get through today
    Now I don’t understand anything anything
    You were the safest place that I felt
    I could be anyone else.
    Now I don’t understand what their telling me now, as I hit the ground
    I still hear you, under my breath
    I still hear you, under my breath
    My dreams tell a tale of my death
    I still hear you, under my breath
    Take me take me
    I need to be with my friend.

  8. You will be able to hear the exclusive first play of ‘From The Sticks To Bitterness’ on the Dan P Carter Rock Show on BBC Radio 1 tonight!!. 

    Then pre-orders of Still will go live at Venn Records tomorrow.

  9. We are excited to finally announce that we have teamed up with Venn Records to release Still.

    Still is two new tracks from our forthcoming album ‘Are We All The Same Distance Apart’ that will be released soon. You will be able to get Still digitally and it will also be printed onto vinyl. Pre-order bundles shall be released before the end of the month.

    Thank you for being patient with us

  10. Still. 

    More information on the release next week  

  11. Tour with the Hand Like Houses guys was the best. 

    Hopefully we will cross paths again soon with those bloody drongos